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I am sharing my thoughts, observations and insight about Data Center transformation. The Data Center remained largely unchanged architecturally for years. Over the last few years, dramatic new technologies have come online, not just bigger or faster versions of old technologies, but radically new approaches to computing. Today’s data centers are not just being filled with bigger storage elements, servers or switches, they are being filled with SMARTER devices. The BYOD revolution is changing the lines between LAN and WAN, and abstraction continues to drive end-user value higher in the food chain, not simply the boxes themselves. Really innovation is occuring, hybrid computing that includes in-house, co-lo, modular and Cloud. These are fast times for the data center…

About Me:

Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Mark Harris has been driving data center innovation for more than 25 years in a wide range of market segments including facilities, computing, storage, security, and networks. For the past 10 years, he focused on data center transformations, including the physical infrastructure and is a recognized thought leader and speaker on the changes afoot.

Currently running Marketing for The Uptime Institute (part of The451Group), Harris has previously held senior sales and marketing roles with Pluribus Networks (an SDN provider), Nlyte Software (DCIM software), Server Technologies (Power Distribution), Cabletron Systems (now Enterasys), Netscaler (now Citrix), Cyclades/Avocent (now Emerson), and Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP).

Harris focuses on building product, sales and marketing strategies and resulting organizations that provide growth through leverage and as a natural technologist he has become recognized as a Transformation thought-leader and is a regular contributor to trade publications such as Mission Critical Magazine, and Data Center Dynamics Focus and to online sites such as his own and industry sites such as LinkedIn Groups,, and other various Blogs across the Data Center industry.

A natural technologist, Harris has become a recognized Data Center thought-leader and contributor to trade publications such as Mission Critical, Data Center Knowledge and to online sites such as LinkedIn Groups and various Blogs across the Data Center industry.


Data Center Transformations (Software-Defined/Abstraction), Data Center work analysis, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management). HPC, Data Center Energy Management. Hardware and Software, Servers, Networking, Energy Management, Product/solution strategies and direction and execution, Customer awareness, market positioning, diverse technology background.

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