Exposing IT Value to the Business

The IT industry is currently experiencing an amazing transformation. Whereas most long term IT professionals have spent their careers creating and supporting increasingly complex IT structures with primary metrics of availability and uptime, the new CIO mantra has become service delivery at the right cost. In effect, CIOs are formalizing many previous efforts and creating service products that can be delivered upon request, with a keen understanding about the costs incurred to deliver those services. CIOs today think about these Service Portfolios as the means to set expectations on how technology will be adopted, how it will be supported, and at what cost those technologies will come. – See more at here

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  1. Paula Alves says:

    Yes, today, it’s all about costs. And owing to the economic fluctuations and global market conditions, this cost centric approach is necessary. However, all said and done, the modern day CIOs have benefited from yesteryear professionals who have spent a lifetime creating complex IT solutions. Their contribution remains invaluable.

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