Everything as a Service! DCIM has reached its stride…

DCIMaaS Delivers!

DCIMaaS Delivers!

The world of IT is changing rapidly and nearly every conceivable IT offering is now being introduced by various vendors “AS A SERVICE”. Doing a quick Google search, and talking to your main IT vendors, you’ll see Desktop as a service, Internet as a Service, Storage as a Service, EMAIL as a Service, Platform as a Service, Network as a Service, Data Center as a Service and the grand-daddy of them all, Software as a Service (which I would humbly offer is where the “X” as a Service started). In fact one of the first wildly popular SaaS offerings was Salesforce.com who proved that users of enterprise-class solutions would be happy to have certain types of applications offered per month and per user.

DCIM is no different and the strongest of the DCIM players, like Nlyte, have now realized this and introduced their offerings for “DCIMaaS”. It just makes sense….

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