DCIM sub-segmentation. Contributed Categories DRAFT

Ten days ago, I posted an entry here identifying the need to really start SUB-SEGMENTING the DCIM marketplace to enable customers to compare ‘like’ companies a bit easier, as well as help all of the DCIM segment vendors streamline their efforts by focusing on what they actually DO well, rather than spending a great deal of time educating, positioning and navigating the sales process.

I received almost two dozen emails from people with their suggestions and have compiled a starting list based on the distillation of those responders’ notes to me:

  • Monitoring & Discovery
  • Instrumentation (sensors)
  • Cable Management
  • Intelligent Power
  • Business Analytics & Visualization
  • Cooling Management & CFD
  • Change Management & Workflow

Additionally, almost every one of the emails I received completely supported the idea of limiting each vendor to NO MORE than TWO categories to participate within, and that those two categories should be where that vendor derives AT LEAST 35% of their DCIM revenues from. This was described as critically important to prevent vendors from too much posturing or futures positioning, and thus circumventing the whole purpose of sub-segmenting the DCIM category today.

This is a great start! Feel free to make comments or propose any categories that may be missing from the above list.

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