Making your List and Checking it Twice!

Make a (DCIM) List and Check it Twice

Making your (DCIM) List and Checking it Twice!

Challenge yourself in 2013 to adopt new management technologies (like DCIM). Make sure the entire organization understands that these new technologies are not only being considered, but are now required to be competitive. Remind everyone that ‘change is good’. Commit to doing something different in 2013
Have your IT professional teams adopt a ‘can-do, will-do’ attitude with regards to adopting DCIM into their 2013 agenda. Make sure all of your stakeholders have articulated and understand how DCIM fits in their specific needs. DCIM is clearly here to stay.

Require your teams to outline the business management discipline and processes in place today, and identify opportunities to streamline operations through repeatable and defendable processes. Identify your operations baseline, how things work today, etc. Remember that your biggest opportunity in 2013 is a business challenge, not a technical one.

letter-iInsist that the DCIM vendors that you are considering in your strategic DCIM plans discuss their capabilities in the context of to YOUR situation, your environment, YOUR NEEDS. Have them tailor their sales discussions to what is deliverable out of the box to make your 2013 better.

Set realistic goals and timelines for DCIM. Define multiple phases and create milestones to establish multiple successes along the way. Remember DCIM is a journey and you need to have a comprehensive long-term plan, but enjoy stages of success. Think Strategically in 2013.

Take the time to get buy-in from all of your stakeholders, including IT, Facilities, Finance and the Corporate Responsibility organizations. With this buy-in confirmed, add DCIM to the TOP of your list of projects that must be started in 2013.

letter-mMake sure your DCIM efforts are coordinated with all other such efforts across the company. DCIM will ultimately be a corporate strategy that enables streamlining of process and reductions in data center costs company-wide. Many groups, one goal…

Assess your current data center BUSINESS management capabilities. Do you know your capacity, growth plans, and processes? Base-lining is an excellent way to get started in 2013, as it identifies gaps and the resulting opportunities to manage smarter.

Stay focused on applying new DCIM tools in 2013 to enable you to operate your data center more cost effectively. DCIM is a new set of technologies, and we are all learning from each other. There will be pros and cons, ups and downs. Stay the course in 2013.

Happy Holidays!

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