The DCIM market wants Proof!

The middle of the summer tends to be a great time to catch up on the state of the art and level of maturation/advances within any technology sector. Perhaps due to vacations or other personal timing commitments, high-tech tends to remain steady-state for a few weeks during August, with their collect best feet forward for review by anyone that wishes to do so.

So for the last week, I did an informal update survey of the DCIM vendor community members. Let me start by saying that A LOT of great progress has been made in the previous 12 months, and end-users today would be irresponsible to ignore the DCIM momentum that is quickly building. Some of the solutions simply provide too many compelling capabilities that have never been possible previously. DCIM is producing some mature business transformation enablers. (I am thrilled).

That said, I ran across an annoying common practice that is already pervasive across the DCIM landscape;  Apparently EACH AND EVERY ONE of the DCIM startups will save their customers 20%. Wow, how could this amazing watershed of savings which is apparently so easily available by using DCIM have been missed for so long? LOL

Well, it turns out it hasn’t been. Only a tiny portion of that same DCIM community even pretend to show specifically HOW that savings will occur. Very few vendors attempt to tangibly connect the dots showing how their specific solution will actually provide that savings. The DCIM vendors each claim to be responsible for all the savings as their own. Sure, listening to the majority of these DCIM vendors, each one has fabricated a hypothetical scenario where their goods or services can be shown to ‘save the day’ and be directly attributable to the realized savings. It kinda reminds me of the 25-year-old cliché’ we’ve all seen (and probably used earlier in our careers) which discusses the costs of IT downtime relative to the stock market, and that every second of ‘downtime’ for the stock market translates to ‘x’ $BILLIONS of dollars.  Or just a few years ago where “ROI Calculators” were so common to show the savings for various technology.

This continues to be part of the confusion for customers. Customers are much smarter now and need more from the DCIM vendors. They need to see specifics presented in context. DCIM vendors that wish to take credit for a form of savings should be very specific about how they will uniquely deliver that.  Customers are begging for the DCIM roster to get past the rhetoric, and get down to the brass tacks. 

Show me the money!

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