TWO for ONE special… The TRUE costs of DCIM

The costs of a proper DCIM implementationI am asked the question regulary regarding cost estimating DCIM implementations. It’s really a pretty complex answer since there are SO many definitions of what a DCIM solution is and it really is different for every customer. That said, I can safely say that from my perspective a prospective DCIM adopter should plan on spending $2 in services for every $1 in software license.

How can this be? Well, the TRUE value of DCIM is when it is fully implemented. It must be able to supercede the textual asset management systems already running in most enterprises, it must integrate with operational workflows and ticketting systems, it must interact with real-time data about power, environment, server utilizations and applications. It must provide connectivity across the data and power chains, and be able to seemelessly allow the user to navigate up and down at will.  Add to that the amount of energy required to audit an existing data center and you have a ton of profesional integration and existing audit services. Remember a technician can NOT just glance at a production rack of gear and establish ALL of the details needed for every device. They may be able to determine module number visually, along with confirm which rack U location it is installed within, To fully deploy DCIM, the need much deeper detail. Connectivity is a challenge. Device detail is a challenge. It requires operating system and/or BIOS/Operator console access to determine things like hardware configurations, serial numbers, etc. In some cases it requires some dissassembly of the rack components.

So, like I said, expect AT LEAST $2 in service fees for every $1 in license fees to take an EXISTING data center and make it a DCIM success…

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