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Managing Data Center Cooling by Pressure or Temperature?

A growing number of data center operators which I have been speaking with seem to have awoken to an alternative data center cooling approach based upon Pressure rather than Temperature. I guess it makes sense that Pressure would not necessarily be the first idea … Continue reading

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DCIM Innovation: 3D Visualization. Just Eye Candy? No!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to update myself on the latest DCIM offering from my southwestern friends, a short-list supplier of data center management software. Their innovative efforts in the (now bigger) DCIM space are beginning to show … Continue reading

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Doing your income taxes with an Abacus…

It still amazes me how many of the DCIM solutions on the market continue to miss the BIG value point: Customers not only want these vendors to provide the core tools to do whatever the customer themselves can imagine, but … Continue reading

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Customers beg DCIM vendors: Say What You Do, Do What You Say!

With more than 200 vendors now claiming to offer some form of DCIM solution, it is getting harder and harder to navigate the DCIM solution waters for potential customers. For every positive customer experience in the DCIM world, it seems … Continue reading

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TWO for ONE special… The TRUE costs of DCIM

I am asked the question regulary regarding cost estimating DCIM implementations. It’s really a pretty complex answer since there are SO many definitions of what a DCIM solution is and it really is different for every customer. That said, I can … Continue reading

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Temperature only matters at the INLET…

I have sat in on several customer discussions this past year where data center operations and facilities managers are looking for ways to save energy and align their efforts towards more cost-effective operations. Undoubtably, the data center temperature becomes one of the … Continue reading

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Physical Placement technology: The HARD part of DCIM…

DCIM solution providers are doing amazing things today. When I look at the software available from the top dozen DCIM players, I see an amazing set of capabilities being delivered now that customers today me 5 years ago would make … Continue reading

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