DCIM is really ALL about Workflow…

I spent some of this holiday season catching up on the latest from many of the DCIM vendors. While there are some noteable exceptions, it seems that the majority of the vendors are missing to core pre-requisit regarding changes to existing processes and the reqyired changes to an organization’s current business practices within IT. Sure technology is yielding a tremendous set of tools to ENABLE more precise/planned/proactive/audittable management of the physical infrastructure, but that is all for NOTHING if the people-aspects of an enterprise haven’t being modified to include these new workflow processes. EVERYTHING in the ITOM world must include the various enabling technologies found in DCIM as a required portion of their existing workflows. (i.e. new server provisioning, Server replacement, storage upgrade, power-supply swap, etc)

Only when we see the concept of business re-engineering for the IT world including the modification of all existing workflows, will the DCIM space be considered an opportunity for wide success.

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